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Band tracks its history at railway station gig


Stalham Brass Band in front of Stalham Station around 1932 with Gerald Thirst seated far right.

Stalham Brass Band in front of Stalham [now Holt] station 2012 with Tim Thirst standing far right.

Eighty years ago Stalham Brass Band posed for a photo during a performance outside the Midland and Great Northern railway station at Stalham. On the far right of the picture is a young Gerald Thirst destined to become the band’s director of music.
Twenty-five years later the railway closed and for a time the buildings were used by the council highways department before falling into disrepair and ruin. 
The station has since risen from the ashes however thanks to volunteers on the North Norfolk Railway who took it down brick by brick and reassembled them as the heritage line's Holt station.
It was therefore fitting that during the recent 1940s weekend at the attraction Stalham Brass Band was invited along to perform music from the period to the crowds.
Director of music Tim Thirst - Gerald's son -: “Playing for the thousands of people who had turned out specially dressed for the event was a wonderful experience. 
Each day we played songs and music from the 40s era for around six hours, with the crowds joining in with gusto. We also had a lot of visitors who had moved away from Stalham during their lives and who came to see us especially.”
During Saturday the band took a few minutes off to pose in front of Stalham station - now at Holt – to commemorate their predecessors on that day 80 years ago.

If any one has any more information about the occasion of the original photo all those years ago the band would like to hear from you. Contact its website www.stalhambrassband.com or phone 01692 650077.

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