New Music Training Initiative for Young People in Norfolk

Great Yarmouth Mercury Friday, May 28, 2004


A new government funded initiative to give children and young people the chance to train to play in a community brass band is based in Stalham.
The scheme, for those who cannot access brass music teaching at school, comes after concern as to where future musicians will come from, was raised at the European Brass Band Championships in Glasgow.
Now Stalham Jubilee Training Brass Band will administer training for the Norfolk area with the Local Network Fund for Children and Young People providing finance for computers, teaching aids, instruments sets and venue costs.
Specialist youth brass tutors from around the country, including Dr. Tim Thirst, director of music for the Stalham Brass Band, will be responsible for training. Dr. Thirst said: "This is the first part of an exciting new initiative in brass music training to take place over the next few years.
"The country is getting desperately short of young musicians and this will ensure a solid future for Stalham Brass Band."

Parents of young people up to age 19, interested in taking part in the scheme should contact Dr. Thirst at The Haywain, Happisburgh, NR12 0RU or phone 01692-650077.

A separate funding initiative is also available that encourages the parents of the young people and other interested adults to take part themselves.

On June 2nd 2004, the Stalham Brass Band received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for encouraging people of all ages to gain traditional skills as brass musicians and providing entertainment at local activities and charity events. Stalham Brass Band is East Anglia’s oldest brass band. Formed in the 1870’s it has been a core part of the community ever since. If you are a brass player and would be interested in joining the main band please contact Tim Thirst.

For the safety of young persons key personnel in the Stalham Jubilee Training Brass Band are trained in Child Protection

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