Aims and Objectives

The main purposes of the organisation are:

Providing facilities to maintain a community based brass band.

Promoting and participating in musical activities.

Providing cultural, educational and musical interest and entertainment for the local community.

Encouraging the appreciation of music, and participation in the performance of music.

Providing educational and training facilities.

Fortunately the image of brass bands consisting of cloth-capped players who retired to the nearest pub after every practice are long gone. Brass banding is not just a hobby, it is a commitment. A commitment to the other players in the band, to support each other in a common cause.

As well as encouraging new players, we always encourage past members to rejoin. They may have left to raise families, moved away through employment and then returned to the area, or have had other changed circumstances.

If you played with the Stalham Band in the past please contact us with your current details. You may be able to help us with photographs and historical details, as well as compiling our past player register.

Our player numbers have risen steadily over the years.  For those who do not reach the entry standard for the main band, Stalham has the Jubilee Training Brass Band.

If there are experienced players in our catchment area who are not currently playing with a band, we would like them to contact us. Musical talent cannot afford to be wasted. 
We do not encourage players to leave another band to join us. Anyone can start a brass band by picking off players from other bands. This is not what brass banding is about. The player is encouraged away, joins the band, and then when a better player is eventually found, they are discarded. This usually ends their playing career, through being disillusioned. Because of the negative atmosphere that exists in these bands, they usually collapse after around 10 years, but the damage continues for much longer.

We have a friendly relationship with many local community based brass bands, which results in mutual help during period of illness, holidays etc.