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The St. Benet's Lodge of Odd Fellows, the local branch of the Rational Sick and Burial Association and the Sutton Friendly Society combined for quite a gala day on June 13th, when a series of well-organized athletic sports were carried out to the enjoyment of a large number of persons under the presidency of Dr. Gordon. On the following Sunday morning, there was a Church Parade at eleven. Our Church was well filled. Collections were made on the way to the Church, and at both the morning and evening services for the Norwich Hospitals, the sum collected amounting to 4 1s. There was also a dinner at the "King's Arms" on the Thursday, and on both occasions the Stalham Band was in attendance, the music of the Band and the sashes, etc., of the Odd Fellows adding much to the general effect.

J.J.Willmott, Vicar

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